The newest member of Natas, Politically driven, soulfully charged, locally loved and refreshingly unflashy. Skitzo only wears one chain at a time, why? “Because more than one chain makes my people look like clowns” he says. He performed on four national tours on PPV with live sets at the Gathering Of The Juggalos in 2011.

Selling tens of thousands of his music cd’s, basically from the trunk of his car, Skitzo shows a drive that any record label would love. Experienced in all aspects of not only audio recordings, but also the production of music videos makes him easy to work with.

Skitzo has performed for crowds as large as 5,000, he has opened for artists like: Bizarre of D12, Rittz, Lil Wyte, Jelly Roll, Mastamind and Esham of Natas, Powerdise, Jerron Benton, MARS, KUNG FU Vampire, Fat Joe, 2 Live Crew, D-12 and Dead Prez. He performed with Black Violin. He has hit the boundaries in every direction of our country, performing shows in New York, Florida, California and his home state of Michigan. He is also a featured artist on the Fete de la Musiq Festival, for 3 years running.

Skitzo also has experience with television and radio, from writing jingles to hosting 2 local radio shows and one television show, Skitzo also appeared in a movie called, “The Zoo Mantra” which was inspired by a song he wrote by the same name, this earned him a cover page in “The Revue” magazine.


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